New Charity Times magazine lives up to its name

A new full-colour glossy targets do-gooders, and donates half its subscription revs to their charity of choice.

A new magazine about Canada’s charities is launching this month. Targeting non-profits, NGOs, affluent donors and volunteers, Charity Times will donate half its subscription revs to a charity of the subscriber’s choice.

With a circulation of about 30,000, the Vaughan, Ont.-based bi-monthly magazine will be sent to a list of registered Canadian donors and charity organizations across the country before hitting the province’s newsstands. Current subscribers who have signed up on are generally between 36 to 55 years of age, with an annual income of $80,000 or more, says publisher Joe Plati. The website is updated with a daily news feed.

A feature in the launch issue for the 32-page glossy explores the role of celebrities’ impact on charities. Content will predominantly spotlight the work of both corporate and independent charities’ efforts, and the magazine will have a few key regular sections. For instance, parents can read about teaching their kids to be philanthropists in Kids Corner, and readers get tips on charity law from a legal expert in Law and Government.

With a 60/40 editorial-to-advertising ratio and full-page ads costing $4,000, advertisers in the first issue include investment management company Mackenzie Investments and Leprosy Relief Canada.

With no similar magazine out there, ‘we needed to put out a publication that would cover the community on a regular basis,’ Plati tells MiC.