Evergreen plants eco-message on donated media

Donated OOH, print and TV elements help promote the non-profit org's grassroots approach to urban greening, and buyers looking to plant some media seeds can still get in on the action.

A new marketing campaign by Toronto agency Zig for non-profit environmental org Evergreen is spreading out, taking root across a network of donated print, TV and OOH media.

Targeting Canadians in urban centres across the country, who know that nature is important but don’t fully understand the benefits or what they can do, the completely comp’d campaign promotes the green org’s grassroots approach to introducing and preserving nature in urban settings by encouraging them to ‘Be the Root.’

Print ads are currently in-market in Canadian Gardening, and will be followed posters, PSAs, and other media elements as they are donated. Magazines targeting urbanites or gardening enthusiasts, newspapers and OOH in major metropolitan areas across the nation, and television are desired real estate.

‘We wanted to make the biggest impact possible with limited resources,’ Martin Beauvais, executive CD at Zig, tells MiC. ‘Given the nature of Evergreen’s mission and their target audience, it was determined that these were the smartest media options to go with to catch their attention as they go about their busy days.’

All advertising drives to Evergreen.ca, where easy ways to get involved and the advantages of improving local neighbourhoods are also found.