Collins Barrow promotes clarity to the biz community

The mid-market accountancy association looks to build brand awareness with a new print campaign.

Collins Barrow, Canada’s largest association of chartered accountancy firms, is launching a national marketing initiative this spring targeting the business community. Entitled ‘Clarity Defined,’ the magazine campaign will focus on how the professionals at Collins Barrow can help maximize business opportunities. Toronto-based ad firm The Collective handled both the creative and the media purchase.

The print ads will appear in Canadian Business, Profit and the Financial Post, and run until the fall. ‘They were looking for business publications with a broad reach and national exposure,’ explains David Abrams, president of The Collective. ‘They are hoping that higher profile magazines will start to increase the awareness of who they are.’

Brand-building was the main goal of the campaign, according to Abrams. ‘Although they are national and have 40 offices across the country, they’re relatively unknown.’ The first ad will feature the headline ‘Clarity is seeing your future potential,’ and will highlight how Collins Barrow can maximize opportunities in every area of a client’s business through objective advice.