Students ‘scream cheese’ at Doritos Guru coronation

Eight Montreal university students win cash and 1% of the new chip's sales after their video stood out from 2,100 entries. It will air nationally to promote the newly named flavour, 'Scream Cheese 2.'

A Doritos mystery chip now has both a name and a hilarious new commercial after eight Montreal university students were crowned Guru on Friday, wrapping the three-month long contest. Doritos asked Canadians to name the new flavour and create a 30-second commercial to promote it. The response was 2,100 video entries, which were aired on and attracted about 30,000 Facebook fans. The Guru microsite was ranked the number-one most-subscribed page in Canada and most-viewed sponsored page in Canada on YouTube, with more than 1.5 million unique visitors.

‘My friends and I have been making movies since we were kids, and we’re so happy we can finally make some money doing what we love,’ says Ryan Coopersmith, the 21-year-old front man for Scream Cheese 2, in a release. ‘Our video was inspired by rock ‘n’ roll and deep anger management issues,’ he says. The team of eight students from downtown Montreal known as Boo Ya Pictures will use the $25,000 cash prize to finance their first full-length feature film. Their story will also be featured on the chip bag.

In the multi-platform marketing campaign, developed by BBDO with media buy handled by OMD, Doritos first created ‘WTF’ videos which aired on YouTube and on television (during the Super Bowl) to intrigue their 13-to-24 skewed male target. A retail program by Capital C further touted the contest, most noticeably on the chip bags themselves. The contest was also promoted in niches where the young male demo plays, such as Facebook and popular Xbox Live games like Guitar Hero 4 and Transformers. MuchMusic also aired ‘Doritospiece Theatre’ clips of Much VJs critiquing the entries in English Canada, and in Quebec Astral’s MusiquePlus VJs provided tips to help amateur directors with their entries.