Grey’s Anatomy leads finale week

A buzzed-about cliffhanger at Seattle Grace Hospital boosted CTV's Grey's Anatomy to the top of the wrap-up ratings.

A buzzed-about cliffhanger that saw the apparent end of two main characters boosted CTV’s Grey’s Anatomy to the top during recent wrap-ups of US series, though it is sure to be eclipsed by last night’s monster American Idol finale.

The medical drama nabbed 2.2. million viewers with its two-hour finale on May 14 which ended with resident doctors Izzie and George clinging to life. The number is down from last year’s finale, which averaged 2.6 million viewers, though that seems to be the trend for many of the shows. Grey’s netted 16.3 million viewers over on ABC, according to Variety. (All numbers 2+.)

Close on its heels is the May 10 finale of The Amazing Race, which garnered 2.1 million viewers for CTV, up from its season average 1.8 million viewers.

Meanwhile, Global’s medical drama House grabbed 1.9 million viewers for its season five ender the following night – dropping from last year’s 2.6 million-strong finale as the titular doctor was sent off to a mental institution – though the episode aired opposite a key playoff game featuring the Vancouver Canucks, which netted 1.7 million viewers.

Still with Global, the Victoria Day long weekend took a bite out of the Survivor: Tocantins finale on Sunday, May 17, with an average 1.5 million viewers – coming in behind Survivor: Gabon‘s season-ending 1.8 million last December.

Survivor eclipsed the Desperate Housewives finale on CTV with 1.4 million viewers, down from its season average of 1.8 million. The weekend also saw the conclusion of Global’s Prison Break, which ended its run with a two-hour finale on Friday, May 15, averaging a soft 600,000 viewers. The Fox show was bumped from its cozy Monday time slot to Fridays for the last of its season four episodes, which averaged 650,000 viewers.

CTV also netted respectable numbers for season enders of Fringe (1.1 million), CSI (1.6 million), and Ghost Whisperer (1 million), while homegrown actioner Flashpoint garnered 1.2 million viewers on May 15 for the last new episode of season two – on par with its season average. The show is currently shooting eight more season two episodes, air dates to be determined.

Check out numbers on other big-ticket finales, including Global’s 24 and NCIS, and CTV’s CSI: Miami and American Idol next week.

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