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The New York upfronts: CBS is…upfront

CBS is the #1 network. CBS is the #1 network. CBS is the #1 network. And Mindshare Canada's managing partner, Lina Alles was there to hear the mantra as part of the net's presentation in NYC yesterday.

During the upfronts there is always one constant – the CBS presentation is held at Carnegie Hall, and Les Moonves, president and CEO does the introduction declaring CBS the #1 network. This year was no different. CBS is the most successful network with the highest growth and the best shows. Hmm, I thought Fox was the #1 network. I’m confused.

Joanne Rose, president Network TV, and Nina Tassler, president CBS Entertainment, each took the stage to inform us that TV is the best advertisement to reach consumers. A general theme in all the presentations. Rose also had the pleasure of introducing Simon Baker, star of the Mentalist, who informed us that despite what we may have heard about the state of the TV, the drinks at the party were still free!

Tassler informed us the theme of the presentation was ‘Only CBS.’ Only CBS has the #1 comedy show, #1 drama, #1 reality show…we get it, CBS is #1 – not Fox. She then introduced the new fall schedule which consists of only four new additions: three dramas and one comedy:

Accidentally on Purpose is a comedy starring Jenna Elfman as a sexy cougar who has a one-night stand with a younger man, gets pregnant, and has to deal with the aftermath…yes, this is the comedy, not the drama. It’s slated for Mondays at 8:30 pm, right after How I Met Your Mother‘s new 8 pm berth.

NCIS LA is a spin off airing right after NCIS on Tuesdays at 9 pm – hey, it worked for Law & Order and CSI, didn’t it?

And it’s followed at 10 pm by The Good Wife, a drama about a woman scorned who must rebuild her life after her state attorney husband is publicly humiliated and sent to prison. Chris Noth fans will be happy to see him reprised as the ‘bad’ husband.

Three Rivers, Sundays in the 9 pm slot, is a medical drama about surgeons who give patients second chances through organ transplants. Sort of ER meets Grey’s Anatomy.

Mid-season shows include: more medical drama and more Miami in the form of Miami Trauma; The Bridge, more cop drama, but from Canada(!); and more reality shows, Arranged Marriage and Undercover Boss.

Series no longer wanted on the voyage include: Without a Trace, The Unit, Harper’s Island and Game Show in My Head.

The presentation wrapped up with Tassler telling us that…wait for it…CBS is the #1 network. Yeah, we got it, thanks.

Onto the party, which was packed, and we could barely move. The drinks were flowing but where was the food? With no food and no picture-taking opportunities with the stars, it was time to leave.

CW next.