Nissan Canada decides on augmented reality

AR tech takes car customization to a new level, pimping various Nissan rides according to personal specs, then letting users spin their wheels in a 3D virtual world.

Nissan Canada is enhancing the online experience around its spring ‘Good Decision’ campaign, allowing microsite visitors to take online car customization to another level., created by TBWAToronto, uses augmented reality technology to let users personalize a Nissan to fit their lifestyle like never before. After completing a brief quiz, they can peep into a unique 3D environment featuring their decked-out Nissan, which appears to leap right out of a print-out that they hold up to their webcam. They can then spin and move within the animated virtual world in real time.

‘Nissan is a technologically savvy brand and from a communications point of view you want your communications to reflect that,’ explains Richard Phillips, group account director, TBWA Toronto.

Nissan models like the Versa, Sentra, Altima, Rogue and Cube are all featured on the site, and as an added incentive to check it out, curious car enthusiasts can bring their personalized Nissan print-out and their unique URL to a dealership for an offer of 0% purchase financing.

The site, which launched April 22, will be promoted using newsprint, FSIs, online display banners and through