Transcontinental spices up

The new web-lift offers visitors a more interactive environment and advertisers increased visibility, with integrated ads and articles, as well as big box ads above the fold.

Transcontinental Media has just relaunched Coup de pouce‘s French-language website, with new online tools and interactive features.

The site, which gets over 400,000 monthly uniques (Google Analytics, May 2009) and has a weekly newsletter sent to almost 40,000 subscribers, targets women and their families with advice and tips on cooking, relationships, family, health, consumer society, beauty, fashion and décor.

Improved navigation includes recipe categorization by dish, as well as a more streamlined presentation so that it’s easier to find downloadable content like screensavers and reference cards. A new recipe idea will also be featured daily.

Users can create personal social media profiles, bookmark favourite recipes and articles, join in online discussions and rate recipes according to a star system.

Site sections have also been renamed, with new subsection content tailored to the info users are looking for. The Bien dans ma tête section, for example, now includes psychology and sexuality, while Guide maison features subjects like gardening and financial advice.

The site re-org and the addition of subsections come with options for advertisers to increase their visibility with integrated ads and articles, and big box ads will now be positioned above the fold.