PBBI wants you to name that neighbourhood

The Pitney Bowes contest highlights the upcoming launch of its PSYTE HD geo-demographic data system.

Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI) is holding a ‘Name that cluster’ contest to invite the industry to come up with a creative name. The contest, which closes July 6, comes with a cash prize of $1,000, and is being promoted through Twitter and a direct mail campaign.

The contest is an attempt to draw attention to the updated version of its PSYTE Advantage system launching in July, the PSYTE HD, which classifies every neighbourhood in Canada into groups, called ‘clusters’, based on household level data from over 10 million homes. The clusters, 59 in all, are collections of similar geo-demographic and lifestyle characteristics, based on 200 to 300 variables from the 2006 census, as well as information from such syndicated consumer databases as PMB, BBM, ICOM and Polk, as well as PBBI in-house surveys.

‘The clusters provide you with an overall picture to give you an idea of what those people are like,’ Sebastian Rancourt, PSYTE product manager at PBBI, tells MiC. ‘The power of PSYTE is to be able to link it to syndicated surveys, and then be able to look at their characteristics.’ By linking the information to syndicated surveys, users can access information on such issues as purchasing behaviour, lifestyle, finance and health profiles.