AdBikes ride into Canada

Equipped with 50-watt sound systems, LED-illuminated panels and 'brand ambassador' riders, the latest summer attraction comes with a brand message on wheels.

The latest in ride-vertising is pedaling its way into Canadian city streets this summer.

AdBikes, already common on the city streets of Asia and Europe, are now available in Canada through their new exclusive agent in the country, Toronto-based Wild On Media. The bikes come with plenty of ad space, be it on their wheel cover, windshield or its double-sided LED-illuminated panels.

Equipped with a 50-watt sound system and ‘brand ambassador’ adriders (paid college and university students) who talk up the brand and offer promo material, the bikes offer advertisers a whole new configuration, touts Wild On Media president George Christidis, who secured the deal.

‘With mobile advertising, clients can determine the routes of advertising vehicles to reach their target audience,’ Christidis tells MiC. ‘With AdBikes particularly, they have a standard 4′ X 6′ double-sided back-lit ad panel box, same as a transit shelter, with the advantage that it’s mobile, and given that it’s a bike with a unique design, will attract viewers to look at them.’

The AdBikes will be riding through Canadian cities as of the upcoming Canada Day long weekend.