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Quebecor rolls out peel-and-sniff

The new 'Flexappeal' ad extension invites magazine and newspaper readers to follow their noses through ads.

A new peel-and-sniff print ad extension from Quebecor World makes it possible to capture a variety of powerful scents and place them in magazines and flyers – from that new car smell to roasted turkey to the stench of an ashtray (anti-smoking ads perhaps?). The Montreal-based publisher and printer of flyers and inserts in magazines and newspapers, recently launched ‘Flexappeal’ through its Integrated Multichannel Solutions (IMS) channel that aims to involve consumers with a message after an incentive to peel-back print ads.

‘Certainly peel has been used in the marketplace – a lot of the peel and sniff on perfumes and stuff like that,’ says Ron Myers, marketing director, Quebecor World, Marketing Solutions Group. What’s different now is that the printer offers more than 160 scent offerings, from leather to spaghetti. The execution ranges in size from 2 to 10.75 inches.