Canwest rounds out its media monitoring service

Radio has just been added to the intelligence mix.

Canwest Publishing has just added radio monitoring to its media intelligence resource, extending its rep-tracking capabilities to all media platforms.’s integrated service, which tracks brand and corporate image buzz as well as share of voice, spans over 4,500 sources including print, mobile, newswires, blogs and broadcast. Adding to that broadcast component, which covers 77 Canadian television stations in near real time, 130 radio stations are now on the monitoring roster – including 30 of Canada’s largest. Clients have access to radio summary notes through full transcripts or audio file format, and can also subscribe to its Alert service, or by using RSS feeds of custom searches.

‘Radio is a critical medium for media monitoring because of its immediacy,’ Jennifer Stein, product manager, Canwest Digital Media tells MiC. ‘Traditional media monitoring focused on print, however today’s news cycle is much shorter, therefore marketers need to know about breaking news. Radio is an ideal medium for urgent news releases (similar to online media) as there is no need to wait until the next printed edition.’

‘From a media buying perspective, it’s important to know where you are already seeing coverage on your brand, and whether that coverage is negative or positive,’ Stein tells MiC. ‘If your campaign is already generating significant neutral or positive media coverage in a given medium, it’s an opportunity to heavy up in other mediums,’ she says, ‘that may not be carrying the message as strongly and then you can capitalize on the ‘free’ exposure.’

‘Alternatively, you could employ a more focused ‘heavy up strategy’ in that medium, if you feel it is a sweet spot for your target,’ adds Stein. ‘If you are seeing negative coverage in certain areas, you can respond in those mediums and manage the message more proactively.’

An online demo of the upgraded platform can be viewed here.