Amphibious ad fleet plans to hit the beach

Inflatable billboards can be set up on water or land - or both, as per Coors Light recent golf outing.

Ontario-based Tynk Outdoor has been scoping out water-related summer events for its new inflatable billboards, owned in part by California-based BBi Displays. But the blow-up ads are not limited to water use: last month, Coors Light used them on both pond and greens at a golf event in Niagara Falls, says Vicki Tynkaluk, president of Tynk Outdoor. ‘People can own their own billboards, and advertise in places they’ve never been able to before,’ she says. The inflatable billboards are temporary, take minutes to set up and can remain inflated for up to a year.

They are ideal for seasonal events and places where it’s not practical to have a steel billboard, such as ski resorts, Tynkaluk tells MiC. There are two different sizes of the unit – one is 16′ high, with an ad display space of about 12 by 14′ and a cost of $5,900. If purchased, the brand can keep the ad and use it again, says Tynkaluk. There is also a smaller board, which is about 4 by 10′ and costs $2,900. ‘That’s useful at events or locations where the spectator or viewer needs to be able to see over top of the billboard,’ says Tynkaluk.

Tynk Outdoor has approvals from the Navigable Waters protection Act as well as Transport Canada, but a ‘permission-based’ arrangement always has to be made with whoever owns a marina or a property, for instance, she says. She is looking to place an advertisement for a yachting magazine at an upcoming boating event in Port Credit, ON, and she would also ideally like to be at Wakestock, an annual event in Collingwood, ON.

‘I’m waiting on that one as well, but I am determined to be at Wakestock, come hell or high water,’ jokes Tynkaluk.