Telus Mobile VOD streams CTV programming

A recent collaboration between the telecom co and the private broadcaster offers new reach.

Telus is giving its wireless customers a new way to access CTV programs through a Telus mobile video-on-demand streaming service. The VOD content, which can be accessed through both Telus’ smartphone and mobile phones, includes MTV’s The Hills The Comedy Network’s South Park, as well as clips from TSN, BNN and CTV News top stories and highlights.

The private broadcaster is the new service’s first content provider – and the latest initiative in its own digital offerings, which also include its CTVglobemedia streaming video sites which have been delivering almost half a billion video streams over the past broadcast season, according Omniture and Akamai. Combined, the network’s mobile-optimized websites for and generate more than 7.5 million page views a month, on average, according to Quattro.

The new mobile video-on-demand service comes with various monthly subscription packages or à la carte.