Transcontinental Media brings investors news on the go

The media co has launched a new app for financial news seekers, and a new platform for advertisers.

The latest in the flurry of mobile app launches these days is Transcontinental Media’s from which reaches 48,500 UVs a month and for francophones, from which gets 16,000 UVs a month. Targeting the country’s financial industry execs, the free app delivers financial and economic news pertaining to the industry, its stakeholders, regulations, compliance, economics and taxation, and can be downloaded to both iPhones or BlackBerrys. It also comes with bookmarking capabilities and interactivity features with authors.

The app also offers a new platform for advertisers seeking to reach the demo with two banners available on every mobile app.

The initiative, says Sylvain Bédard, publisher, Investment Group and, Transcontinental Media in a recent release, enables the media co to offer a complimentary service to its electronic and print editions.