Huggies Pull-Ups vlogs potty trainers

Print, digital and TV ads drive parents to an online hub that follows six tots entering the big-kid phase.

In order to help moms with the rigorous potty training process, Huggies Pull-Ups has launched the Potty Project, a online hub where six families and their cute tots post videos and blogs of their potty progress.

‘We wanted to show the range and diversity of kids and where they’re at with the process, as well as show how parents are reacting to their children,’ says Michael Krebsbach, brand manager for Pull-Ups. Parents can even sort videos and articles related to topics of interest that range from ‘patience’ to ‘regression’ to ‘economy.’ The site also links to helpful articles posted on

Media, handled by Mindshare, includes banner ad placements on parent-related sites like Toronto Star‘s,, and, as well as magazine print ads in Today’s Parent, Parents Canada, Enfants Quebec, and Espace Parents running through September. TV ad placements on shows like The View and Oprah, and Quand passe la cigogne are also running until the end of the year. Creative was handled by JWT in New York. is also doing a complete blog on potty training for Potty Tales.

The project targets both Canadian and US consumers because the brand’s strategy for both markets is similar, Krebsbach explains.
Although the mommy demo is prime, Krebsbach says other family members are also targeted with the Potty Project. ‘We know both parents are involved in potty training, and not just parents but also extended family. In a number of videos, the grandmas are involved, the care providers are involved,’ he says.

Pull-Ups has been present in the digital space for a long time, with tools and tips for parents. ‘What you’re seeing with the Potty Project is a much more realized and strategic level,’ he tells MiC. The videos and blogs receive hundreds of comments from parents who appreciate the help.