Attention class: Youth Culture launches new mag

The male-targeting Fuel Inc. Careers Uncensored will speak to youth about the trends in the labour industry, with advertisers like Athlete's World, RIM and Humber College already on board.

High school and university students are often anxious about their career options, so Youth Culture is launching a new magazine this October to help them sort through the cool and not-so-cool jobs of the next decade. Fuel Inc. Careers Uncensored, a male-targeting, 68-page matte finish mag, is selling space to sponsors who want to talk to the pre-workforce demo, explains Kaaren Whitney-Vernon, president and CEO of Youth Culture, which also publishes Verve Girl and B-Zone.

‘We’re not going to be talking about how to do your resume or how to do your interview – this is about where the future of jobs is going to be,’ Whitney-Vernon tells MiC. With a circulation of 100,000, Fuel Inc. is distributed throughout high schools (60% of circ) and colleges (40% of circ), with the option of separate ad pricing for advertisers who only want to target a certain demo. A full-page ad costs $10,000, or $6,000 for just high school distribution and $4,000 for campus distribution. Advertisers who are already on board include Athlete’s World, Research in Motion and Humber College.

‘A lot of big companies right now are starting to plan what’s going to happen when baby boomers retire,’ says Whitney-Vernon. ‘Whether it’s accounting firms, mining companies – even media to some extent – we’re going to see a lot of changes in that model, and how do we train that next generation? So it’s giving advertisers an opportunity to speak to them about that.’

The debut issue covers topics such as: ‘Batman Fever: Careers that happen when the world sleeps’ and ‘Holy Crap! Dirty jobs that pay a lot,’ and is backed up by exclusive online content and career advice. Although the magazine will reach both sexes, it’s male-skewing because young guys generally won’t pick up a mag that appears to be directed at females, whereas gals usually will, explains Whitney-Vernon. Additional demographic info about career-thinking youths includes the fact that they are often on student council, athletes, and artists and academically motivated.