Molson Dry pioneers a new media twist

The beer brand is tapping augmented reality to uncap animated messages from beer bottles for tech-savvy sudswillers.

Molson Dry is adding a modern spin on the message in the bottle, through the digital magic of augmented reality technology.

Back in June the beer brand launched ‘party bottles’ in Montreal – where it is known as the definitive party brew – that display over 20 different party messages on the new labels when cold. Molson Dry worked with Cossette in Montreal to take the thermal ink technology a step further, unveiling a brand campaign that incorporates augmented reality. It marks the first time in the world that the technology has been featured in a commercial effort using a real product as opposed to a printed graphic icon.

Beer drinkers are directed by supporting TV and online ads as well as a social media presence to, where they can download an application that went live in July. It allows them to activate three different live animated party messages that appear to spring forth from the bottle when they hold it up to a web cam.

‘This technology was an ideal way to communicate that when the beer is cold, messages appear,’ Jonathan Rouxel, CD at Cossette in Montreal tells MiC.

A recording feature also included in the application allows users to make clips of themselves playing with their animations, which they can then upload to the site. The top-rated user clips are recycled as banner ads that aim to drive even more people to the website to test out the tech.

The augmented reality application will be available for download for the foreseeable future. Fans of the brand across the country need not fret about being left out, because the app works with all Molson Dry labels, though the brewer has plans to release its party bottles – also to remain a permanent fixture – across the country.