Ad Metrix comes to Canada

The latest addition to comScore's suite of measurement products is sharpening the competitive edge for publishers and advertisers in the digital space.



A new online ad measurement tool is being released in Canada by comScore this week. Pegged as a breakthrough service in digital media campaign planning and buying, the Ad Metrix offers new online display ad measurement data with insights into where display ads are viewed online. Using its panel of about 30,000 Canadians from across the country who have given comScore explicit permission to monitor their Internet usage, the service also measures the demographic composition of the audiences reached.

Spanning static banners, rich media and video ads, new online display ad metrics and capabilities include total display ad impressions, share of ad impressions by site content category, ad clutter, advertising-exposed unique visitors, reach and frequency, GRPs, publisher-level demographics and views of actual creative used.

Brent Bernie, president of comScore Media Metrix, comScore Canada, says the service’s ability to gain deeper insights into publishers’ display ad impressions, like the demo data of ad-exposed visitors, will aid media planning and buying decisions going forward. ‘Having a view into the demographics of exposed visitors on publishers’ websites, not just simply machines reached, will ensure that advertising dollars are spent in the most efficient and effective manner,’ Bernie tells MiC.

The service also shows which publishers advertisers are using to place their creative online, their share of impressions within content categories and what type of creative they are using – a data set that Bernie says will provide ‘critical insights’ into the strategy an advertiser has taken to reach their target. ‘How you as an advertiser or publisher measure up to your competitors in terms of share, reach and frequency is vital in attempting to gain a competitive edge in the online market,’ he tells MiC.

The new service integrates directly with comScore’s audience measurement tool, Media Metrix, currently used by over 140 clients in Canada. Ad Metrix is the latest in a suite of online ad measurement products released by comScore over the last few months, including Media Metrix, Campaign Metrix and Brand Metrix (the latter two already available in Canada).  August 2009 data from the new Ad Metrix service will be available next month.