Clovys TV gets CRTC licence

The franco-urban multi-platform high-def digi channel is expected to launch by Q4 this year.

Quebec-based Clovys TV was awarded a Canadian multi-platform television licence by the CRTC this week, permitting it to broadcast urban television throughout the country. Launching in the last quarter of this year, the francophone high def digi channel plans to specialize in music and urban culture.

Targeting the 13- to 34-year-old multi-ethnic generation, programming will include music videos (65%) spanning hip-hop, rap, R&B, soul, dancehall, zouk, reggae, soca, calypso, compas, merengue and salsa, and TV shows (35%) spanning reality, comical shorts, cultural news, indie movies and concerts.

‘Our strength will be programming that can reach a multicultural audience than presently no other Francophone television station can,’ Jean-Yves Roux, CEO of Clovys TV (Clovys Communications) tells MiC. ‘Because of our long experience in concert production, we’ll be able to offer advertising opportunities through broadcasting events, like urban music concerts broadcast coast-to-coast on TV, Internet and mobile phones, reaching hundreds of thousands,’ he adds.

The news comes on the coattails of another recent announcement that, through its subsidiary Valtech Communications, Quebec-based Hipso Multimedia is planning a significant investment in Clovys Communications, one that will help Clovys build its IPTV and DVBT offerings as well. ‘That means faster and better than cable, satellite or DSL network,’ explains Roux. ‘This same feed for TV, Internet and telephone access will open other ways of promoting the advertisers’ products.’ The recent letter of intent between Clovys and Hipso allows the latter to purchase a 50% equity interest in Clovys.