VisionTV shortlists three dramedies

New Cancon concepts have a chance to move into development this October.

VisionTV has short-listed three comedy and drama series for development, the multi-faith and multicultural network announced yesterday. The three projects were chosen from about 270 submissions that VisionTV received in response to a recent call for dramedy series proposals. Once the producers finish the first phase of development – which will include the creation of a pilot script and series bible – one of the three projects (13 episodes, half hour each) will be greenlit.

VisionTV hopes to broadcast the completed series in the fall of 2010, so it will choose the winner that is most ready in terms of script, cast and planning, to go forward with development, the first phase of which will be mid-October. According to a spokesperson, VisionTV is willing to explore ad and integration opportunities.

The projects are: Local 69, a satirical comedy about a middle-aged factory worker who unexpectedly becomes a union boss and must contend with inept managers, mobsters and disgruntled workers as she fights to keep jobs from being outsourced. The series from Toronto-based Hungry Eyes Film & Television was created by Jennifer Holness, Min Sook Lee and Sudz Sutherland.

Saint Michael is the story of a self-involved, daredevil young priest who is sent on a challenging mission – the Birchy Delight retirement home, where he learns that the path to hell really is paved with good intentions. The project, from Toronto-based Shaftesbury Films and Henry Less Productions, was created by writer-actors Steve Cochrane, Phyllis Ellis and Adriana Maggs.

Taking on Water is an ensemble comedy set on one of British Columbia’s gulf islands. The series revolves around a psychiatrist who returns to her childhood home and must contend with her unconventional mother, her gay brother and a host of eccentric hangers-on. From Vancouver-based Soapbox Productions, veteran producer Nick Orchard and Second City alum Naomi Snieckus are the creators.