Joytv unveils new shows for fall

The Vancouver and Winnipeg local stations announce two new Canadian series (plus one revamp).


Joytv, which serves the Vancouver, Victoria and Fraser Valley area (Joytv 10) as well as the Winnipeg area (Joytv 11) has announced its fall programming slate. The new entries include two Canadian series P3: People, Places, Perspectives and Ek Noor, and one revamped series – The Standard – from the channel’s previous incarnation as OMNI.

P3: People, Places, Perspectives begins August 31, running Sunday to Thursday at 10 pm on Joytv 10, and September 14, Monday to Thursday at 10 pm on Joytv 11. The half-hour show, taped in Vancouver, explores issues from sexuality to spirituality. Joytv has commissioned 260 episodes of the program, which is targeting the 25-54 demographic, with a 60:40 female skew. There are sponsorship opportunities available for the show, including in-program segments.

Ek Noor, which will run only on Joytv 10, airs Monday to Thursday at 10:30 pm, and its premiere date has yet to be determined. The half-hour program explores issues of faith and other matters of interest to Punjabi Canadians. The show, which is taped in Vancouver, is contracted to run until August 2010, for a total of 208 episodes.

The Standard is an hour-long current affairs interview program that originally aired on OMNI. Joytv has resurrected the title, but the show’s format has been revamped, and it now features new host Peter Klein (60 Minutes). The Standard will debut on Joytv 10 on September 4, and airs Fridays at 9 pm, with repeats Sundays at 8 pm. The program will debut on Joytv 11 on September 18 and airs Fridays at 10 pm, with repeats Sundays at 7 pm. The show is contracted to run for 52 weeks and targets the 25-54 demographic, skewing 60:40 female.