Teletoon shows Moxie in first in-show integration

The first-ever in-show integration campaign for Teletoon will see the Moxie Girlz logo in the first four eps of the live-action/animated comedy series Majority Rules, reinforced through a multi-platform promo and contest. Get a sneak peek here.

One of MGA Entertainment’s newest doll lines, Moxie Girlz, is getting an on-air boost as Teletoon incorporates the product into its latest tween-targeted comedy series.

As part of the first-ever in-show integration campaign for Teletoon, the Moxie Girlz logo will appear in the background of several scenes (inside a locker, on a bedroom wall) in the first four eps of the live-action/animated comedy series Majority Rules, which debuted this month.

The move will be reinforced through a multi-platform promo and contest, both helmed by MGA Entertainment. The promo includes branded ‘Moxie Moments’ with characters from the series introducing 30-second clips from the show to demonstrate their courage, energy and unique style. They’ll air during the broadcast of the first four eps and will also be available to stream on the Moxie Girlz microsite.

A ‘Show Us Your Moxie’ contest, running through Oct. 5, is also part of the integration, and gives viewers the chance to win one of four weekly themed Moxie Girlz prizes, including a shopping spree and makeover, $1,000 towards lessons or classes to help the winner achieve a goal, or a prize pack to encourage the creative side. The winner in the final week will take three friends to dinner and a movie by chauffeur-driven limousine.

‘As kids continue to get older, we recognize that many girls have drifted away from fashion doll play, therefore our goal is to bring these girls back to fashion dolls and to appeal to current fashion doll fans with a brand that is relevant,’ MGA Entertainment president Diane Goveia Gordon tells MiC. We determined that Teletoon’s Majority Rules show provided a perfect partnership opportunity because the characters in the show embody the pillars of Moxie Girlz: energy, courage, positive attitude, perseverance, empowerment, unique style,’ explains Gordon. ‘By integrating the Moxie Girlz logo into the show, we hope that the viewers will make the connection between the ideals of the show and the concept of Moxie Girlz.’

The Moxie Girlz brand is targeted toward 6- to 11-year old girls.

From Kidscreen Daily