Mini spins out unexpected OOH

Mini illustrates its speed and handling with cheeky OOH media.

Mini is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month with a media-bending OOH campaign that sees the little car tearing up the sides of buildings and taunting airline commuters.

The ‘Go for a Spin’ campaign, with creative by Taxi 2 and media by Media Experts, features the Mini in a series of OOH ads in Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto designed to promote the more ‘intangible’ benefits of the car, Jared Stein, account director, Taxi 2, tells MiC.

Targeting the 25-to-54 crowd, the OOH buy features the Mini in surreal situations. In one, an image of a car is positioned on the corner of a building with real pylons positioned in a slalom-style course up on each side of the corner, the copy reading ‘Owns the corners since 1959.’ In another, the building-side banner is stretched to mimic the Mini rounding the corner of the building, reading ‘Impressive handling since 1959.’


The campaign also extends to airport OOH, a new audience for Mini, with a banner matching the length of a ‘movator,’ that encourages people to race the Mini down the movator track. Online, the media buy features an interactive banner that encourages viewers to ‘test drive’ the car over the page.

The choice of media was crucial to the campaign’s creative and so required a joint effort to execute, explains Stein. ‘The great part about it is it was really a tag-team effort of Media Experts and Taxi working collaboratively to find the best location for the best creative,’ he says.

‘From a strategic point of view, we knew we wanted high-profile locations,’ adds Karim Boulos, director, account planning, Media Experts. ‘Taxi had tons of great ideas so it was just a matter of finding the best idea and then marrying it with perfect location.’

The campaign runs until the end of October.