Fall 2009 PMB study sees readership rise 2%

The second edition of the bi-annual study sees Reader's Digest lead in readership, and CAA in circ.

The Fall 2009 PMB study was released yesterday with a bit of good news for Canadian magazines. Circulation was up at many of the top pubs and the average readership of all the magazines reported was 1.05 million readers, a 2% increase over Spring 2009 with 1.03 million readers.

CAA topped the circ list once again with 1,524,000, up 40,000 from the spring report; What’s Cooking hit #2 with 1,434,000, up 25,000; and CAA competitor Westworld came in at #3 with 1,301,000, up 146,000 since the first half of the year. Reader’s Digest is in at #4 with 936,000 and Famous rounds out the top 5 at 650,000.

Readership figures (12+) showed a bit of a different story. Reader’s Digest remained the leading publication in readership, but dropped 141,000 to 6,423,000 from the Spring 2009 survey. Canadian Living was a distant second with 3,800,000 (down 159,000 from spring) and Chatelaine remained at #3 with 3,549,000, down 219,000 from its spring reporting period. Rounding off the top five were Kraft’s What’s Cooking with 3,423,000, and Canadian Geographic with 3,458,000.

In Quebec, Qu’est-ce qui mijote led the readership stats with 1,382,000, Coup de pouce is #2 with 1,236,000 and Touring (French and English) is at #3 with 1,139,000. Circ-wise, Touring led with 701,000, Qu’est-ce qui mijote is #2 with 575,000 and Primeurs is #3 with 380,000.

Readers-per-copy figures closely matched those found in Spring 2009 with 4.8 readers per copy, compared to Spring’s 4.9. This is consistent with previous year’s findings of five readers per copy.

The study covered 114 magazines in total with a sample of approximately 25,000 Canadians. Interviewing for the study was conducted over 24 months, with the final interviews taking place in mid-2009. This marks the second of two reports in 2009, the first year in which bi-annual reporting was released.

Download the full Fall 2009 report here.