Axe recruits students for summer promo gig

Targeting campus kids with spare summer time on their hands, the 'Ridiculously, Ridiculously Good Summer Gig' launches this week.

Targeting campuses across Canada, Axe launched a national campaign this week offering students the chance to win a $10,000, two-month summer gig in 2010 as the brand’s ‘consumer consultant’ in Toronto.

The campaign, developed by Toronto-based Harbinger, is called the ‘Ridiculously, Ridiculously Good Summer Gig,’ and will target college and university students ages 19+. An online media buy was handled by PHD of Toronto, targeting student-friendly sites such as, but the bulk of the campaign promotion will be executed by on-campus ‘ambassadors’ who will put up posters and approach students about the gig, an effort that will be bolstered with PR and booths at student job fairs.

‘At Axe, we go where our target consumers and the women in their lives are,’ Greg Major, brand manager, Axe Canada, tells MiC. ‘So that’s where we’ll be talking to potential applicants: in their campus job fairs, on their campus job boards, in their campus newspapers and on the streets of their colleges and universities.’

Students can enter the competition through a dedicated website, created by Zig in Toronto, by submitting an ‘application’ that includes two reference letters from the opposite sex. Finalists will be announced in January, at which point a public vote will be set up to determine the winners. The two winners, a guy and a girl, get an apartment in Toronto, the cash, and two months of blogging about their experience for Axe.