BC Dairy launches ‘The Weak Shop’

Milk marketer seeks to engage teens with retail website, pop-up stores and creative TV spots.

Targeting lethargic young people in need of a boost, BC Dairy recently launched a campaign called ‘The Weak Shop,’ featuring a big media buy and two pop-up stores.

‘The Weak Shop,’ created by DDB Vancouver, revolves around an online store that sells products to help tired people do everyday things. There are, for example, ‘chair pants’ for people too tired to stand, the ‘food lift’ for eating, the ‘downhill treadmill’ extension to make exercising easier and more. All are real products for sale on the site, and soon to be sold in two pop-up shops in high-traffic areas of Vancouver.

Targeted at 16 to 24 year olds, the media for the campaign includes TV spots, online pre-roll, print ads and transit shelter ads, all designed to mimic infomercial-style product promotions. Infomercial-style spots are also available on The Weak Shop site. All proceeds from the sale of the products go to a B.C.-based youth and sports charity.

‘The challenge is to make the advertising interesting enough, and talk to teens about health in a language they’re going to relate to. Part of that is using sarcastic humour,’ says Dean Lee, CD at DDB Vancouver.

BC Dairy’s MustDrinkMoreMilk.com, which directly promotes milk and its benefits, also drives to The Weak Shop.