BNN creates content for Standard Life

Business News Network will conduct and broadcast the results of three surveys to find out about consumers' financial concerns in an unusual content-creating media buy for the FSI by Marketel.

It’s not unusual for agencies to ask networks to identify content that they can associate brands with, said Alain Tardy, VP, media, at Montreal-based Marketel. But what’s different in the agency’s new campaign for Standard Life is that editorial airing this week was specifically created for the FSI.

‘We’re not biased in the end result of the survey; it’s a free independent survey,’ Tardy told MiC. ‘Our strategy is to associate ourselves with financial content. In this case, in order to [get] more mileage [out of it], we are creating our own,’ he said.

BNN, in collaboration with The Gandolf Group, will conduct three different surveys about consumers’ concerns in the financial marketplace, the results of each will be broadcast on BNN. A three-week promotion – with Standard Life brand visibility – will precede the broadcast on BNN. The first promo started last week, and the next two surveys will take place in January and April 2010.

The sponsorship package is unique, but it is one that now goes across other CTV channels, says a BNN rep. BNN reaches more than a million investors weekly.

‘We felt that the association with the financial report will benefit the brand and the sponsorship aspect will certainly raise awareness,’ Tardy said.