MuchMusic lets fans play 360-degree cameraman

The new tech allows web users to manipulate the broadcast experience, making eyeballs linger longer and providing new and unique sponsorship opportunities such as 360-degree ads. 

There was a time when online video streaming of a live broadcast might have been considered second-best, but MuchMusic is saying sayonara to those days and hello to the new, 360-degree interactive video technology now used in its live online broadcasts.

The new tech is based on a 360-degree camera and streaming encoding server, built by Calgary-based Immersive Media, that allows web users to create an individualized experience of the broadcast. Now included in the daily web streaming of Much’s live show, MuchOnDemand, the technology allows the user to manipulate their view of the set by zooming in or out or panning around.

The goal behind the integration of this technology is to create an individualized experience that will compel web users to stick around longer, Ryan Trotman, director, MuchMTV Digital, told MiC.

‘The more you allow our viewers to control the show, the less likely they are to flip away,’ he said.

The interactive online experience has the distinction of building an audience over the course of the show as users refer the experience to one another through social media, he said, as was the case with their first event using the 360-video technology, the Rogers-sponsored ‘Live in the Lot with Billy Talent,’ which doubled its audience in the second half of the show.

The broadcaster is also hoping to build new sponsorship opportunities via the new tech.

‘The sponsorship possibilities that this technology presents are really sexy and unique,’ Trotman said. ‘Think an online video ad shot in 360 degrees, as one example. We look forward to working with our clients and partners on building a relevant experience around their campaign.’