Amacon invites condo buyers to pile it on

The Toronto and Vancouver-based developer launches a food-bank donation drive in Mississauga targeted at prospective condo buyers, offering dollars toward a condo purchase for every pound of food donated.

Condo developers don’t tend to get a lot of love in the GTA, but the Toronto office of one such company is bucking the trend by offering prospective condo buyers credit toward a new condo in return for food bank donations.

The ‘Give a Little, Save a Lot’ campaign offers condohunters the opportunity to receive $1,000 in buying credit for every 10 pounds of food they donate, up to a maximum of $12,000. The offer is good for the new Parkside Village or Elle Condominium units on sale in Toronto from Amacon. Donations from prospective and non-prospective buyers alike can be made at the company’s sales office in Mississauga.

The campaign is being promoted through a media buy with Mississauga News and the Condo Guide (with buys handled in-house) and via social media as well.

Supporting the Mississauga Food Bank has been a social responsibility priority for the company for several years now and this year’s campaign was designed to dovetail with the company’s growing presence in the city as a real estate developer, Lilliana Di Franco, VP marketing and sales, Amacon, told MiC.

‘Amacon has always donated to the food bank during the Holidays, and we wanted to put a twist on this year’s campaign. We thought it would be great to have a campaign that benefitted both the Mississauga Food Bank and our purchasers,’ she said. ‘It is a good fit for Amacon, because we don’t want to be just another builder in Mississauga. We are in Mississauga to build a community, and in order to build a proper community, we need to be a part of it.’

The campaign runs until Dec. 31.