Catwalk fights and canine rights on TVtropolis

The Canwest channel's winter lineup includes Launch my Line, hosted by Canadian fashion duo Dsquared, and Rescue Ink, featuring tattooed tough guys rescuing animals in distress.

Canadian twins-slash-design-duo Dan and Dean Caten of Dsquared will bring their flair for the flashy to TVtropolis this winter, for the Canadian premiere of the Bravo series Launch My Line. The show, currently airing on Bravo in the US, pairs 10 fashion designers with 10 fashion professionals and then pits the teams against one another to see who can come up with the best clothing line. The show will debut on TVtropolis Monday, Jan. 4, at 10 p.m. ET.

New to the Tuesday-night lineup will be Rescue Ink, a reality show based on a group of so-called ‘tattooed, motorcycle-loving tough guys’ who happen to be softies for abused and neglected animals. The show follows the group as they rescue animals in distress and try to educate owners about pet care. It will fill the 8 p.m. slot starting Jan. 5. Dog lovers can stay tuned for another hit of fuzzy-wuzziness on at 9 p.m. with animal-training celebrity Cesar Milan and his show, Dog Whisperer.

On Wednesday night at 8 p.m., the proudly messy will be invited to tune into popular A&E series Hoarders, where they can feel better about their disorganized ways by comparing themselves to people who compulsively cram as much stuff into their houses as can possibly fit. It debuts Jan. 6.

All three shows will be featuring in TVtropolis’ winter marketing campaign, with media and creative handled in-house, which will focus on Toronto and Vancouver and include online, newspaper, on-air program guides and radio.

Other new shows in the TVtropolis lineup include Flipping Out, a real-estate show starring LA-based entrepreneur Jeff Lewis, and another A&E original series, Parking Wars, in which viewers tag along as parking enforcement officers do their evil deeds throughout Philadelphia.