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Corus ‘Her Report’ signals women not yet ready to spend

The latest in the network's signature series of studies focuses on economic recovery and Canadian women's perceptions about spending post-recession.

The latest study from Corus Entertainment’s Her Report panel indicates that while the economy may be recovering, Canadian women aren’t quite ready to get their wallets out. The ‘Into the Recovery’ survey indicates 60% still feel much the same about spending as they did in the summer of 2009.

However, they are beginning to plan ahead, and despite current ongoing fiscal caution, 70% said they are considering which big ticket purchases they would like to make in the future. Fifty percent of women said they expect to make a major purchase within the next year or two.

The study also indicated that women are concerned about credit card debt and 60% said that they plan to use their cards more carefully in the near future. Their financial priorities, in order of importance, were: paying down credit card debt, being able to pay for necessities right now and saving.

The ‘Into the Recovery’ study follows last summer’s ‘After the Crash,’ in which the panel revealed that Canadian women are increasingly in control of household spending, a finding that led the network to dub women ‘CFOs’ of the household.

The blind panel consists of 2,500 Canadian women aged 18 to 70.