Spotted! Dog Whisperer crouches down in Toronto’s doggy parks

Arf! Bark, bark! Woof! To promote the National Geographic Channel's fifth season of Dog Whisperer, Canwest has placed mini-billboards at canine eye-level that speak to dogs in their own language.

Dog owners taking their four-legged friends for a morning walk today will notice new billboards that speak to both them and their literate pooches. To promote the fifth season of National Geographic’s Dog Whisperer, a show about ‘The Dogman’ Cesar Millan, who helps rehabilitate aggressive and misbehaving dogs.

More than 100 of the small billboards have been placed at puppy-height in Toronto’s greenspaces like Christie Pitts, Craigleith Gardens and Withrow Park. The copy reads ‘Arf bark bark woof. Ruff.’ with a headshot of Millan and the time the show airs.

The goal of the stunt, developed and executed in-house by Canwest’s creative agency and marketing strategy team, is to directly market the appeal of the show to dog owners. Now if only Millan’s communication skills would help defuse the off-leash dog debate that was re-ignited this week at Toronto city council.