Evian’s ‘Rollerbabies’ hit Toronto’s Commerce Court

The most watched online spot of all time dances onto large-screen digital boards in TO.

Those ‘Rollerbabies’ just keep on rolling.

The adorable tykes-on-skates Evian ad – which, with over 12.6 million YouTube views of the US version alone, makes it the most successful online spot of all time – have graduated to the big screen.

On March 1, MPG Canada – representing Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG, and in conjunction with Toronto’s Square Foot Media – launched a three-week ‘Rollerbabies’ run on large-screen digital boards located in Commerce Court, in Toronto’s financial district.

Square Foot specializes in interactive pedestrian-level large-format digital displays that offer motion response and multi-touch interactivity. The campaign is also being extended to include online banners, TV and cinemas.

In a statement released about the campaign, Sharpe Blackmore Euro RSCG VP Ron Tite said that he was pleased to be able to extend the campaign creatively into a new media strategy.

‘Our Toronto office has created global work for Evian in the past but when our Paris office produced this gem, we were excited to pick it up and extend the creative into new territories.’