Texters like digital outdoor ads, survey finds

A study commissioned by OMAC on digital OOH indicates that people who like to text are more engaged with the medium and shopping malls are where people are most aware of it.

Like peas and carrots, shopping and texting go hand in hand – and it seems that fans of both are also more highly aware of digital OOH than their (older) like-to-use-phones-for-talking counterparts, according to a recent survey commissioned by the Toronto-based Out-of-Home Marketing Association of Canada.

The study, conducted in early February by TNS Canadian Facts, involved the opinions of 2,326 Canadians (18+) in an effort to ‘identify opportunities for marketers to effectively use digital OOH displays in Canada,’ a release on the report stated. Seventy-two percent of those polled said they had seen digital OOH advertising in the past month.

Texters appeared to be the most engaged, with 59% of those respondents saying they had taken action in response to an digital outdoor ad, compared to non-texters (36%) and non-cellphone users (38%). That segment also ranked the highest when asked if they ‘agreed or somewhat agreed’ that digital OOH was ‘attention grabbing.’

The respondents were also segmented via demographic. The 18-to-24 demographic appeared to be the most engaged with digital OOH, with 66% stating that they had taken action in response to a digital OOH ad. The 25-to-34s were close behind at 57% and 35-to-49 year olds at 49%.

Location-wise, indoor digital OOH ranked highest on the list, with 63% reporting having noticed an ad in that environment. Forty-eight percent of respondents said that they had seen a digital OOH ad in a shopping mall, while the airport (28%) and restaurants (25%) trailed further behind.

In terms of attitude toward digital OOH, however, the location ‘winner’ was not the mall, but outdoor media, bars and fitness clubs, where over 80% of respondents said they strongly or somewhat agreed digi-ads were ‘attention grabbing’ or ‘interesting to look at.’

Of those surveyed, 34% said they had responded to an ad by going to a website, while 30% said they had ‘sought out more information’ and 24% said they had watched a TV show after seeing a digital OOH ad.