Canwest enters into new Reality » Media in Canada

Canwest enters into new Reality

A new specialty channel called Global Reality launches July 1, which will serve as a hub for leading programming in the genre like Survivor and Project Runway Canada.

During the summer, the most popular programs (according to BBM) are blithe reality shows that don’t require much emotional investment. With those sultry days on the horizon, Canwest is preparing to take advantage of the trend with the launch of a new specialty channel called Global Reality.

The channel is the first new speciality channel that Canwest has chosen to brand using the Global TV name and creative. As such, Global TV will play a central role in promoting Global Reality prior to its July 1 launch, explains Walter Levitt, CMO, Canwest Broadcasting. ‘We are certainly planning to put all the resources of our company behind the launch,’ he tells MiC. He adds that Global has nearly 100% recognition in Canada, a fact he hopes will help persuade viewers of Global Reality’s credibility and quality.

As a specialty channel, Global Reality will be available as part of the Rogers VIP digital programming package, which has one million subscribers, the release on the annoucement stated. Confirmed programming includes new seasons of Big Brother and Apprentice UK, as well as reruns of Survivor, Project Runway Canada, Fear Factor and Deal Or No Deal Canada among others. The channel’s demo will vary across programming, says Levitt, but will be anchored by a target of adults aged 25 to 54, skewing female for some shows.

‘We know that reality fans are rabid fans of the genre. We know that they can’t get enough of this kind of programming,’ he says. Given the guaranteed popularity of most of the shows – after more than a decade, Big Brother and Survivor always top the BBM ratings charts – the channel is a ‘safe bet’ for advertisers, says Levitt.

‘This is proven programming, this is a proven brand, this is a proven genre, and I think as an advertiser, there really is no risk to get involved with this channel,’ he explains.