Swiss Chalet celebrates the sauce

A Dip 'n Win in-store gaming promotion is bolstered by a social and traditional media push that focuses on consumers' favourite ingredient - the sauce.

The loyal Swiss Chalet consumer is likely passionate about one of four key Chalet offerings – the fries, sauce, chicken or ribs – or what Mark Daprato, VP marketing, Swiss Chalet refers to as the ‘four core.’

A new campaign from BBDO, with media handled by MEC, highlights one of those foods, the sauce, with the in-store Dip ‘n Win promotion. Guests who order a meal with prize-marked dipping sauces have a chance to win cars, laptops and vacations, while non-winning labels prompt consumers to try their luck again at for the chance to win Swiss Chalet meals for a year by playing online games like ‘The Big Dipper’ or by uploading a Chalet sauce video tribute to YouTube.

It’s not the first time Swiss Chalet, which is owned by Vaughan, Ontario-based Cara Operations Limited, has taken on a social media strategy, but it is the most extensive one, says Daprato.

‘I don’t want us to be on Facebook for the sake of being on Facebook – I want us to be there so we’re able to participate in [fans'] dialogue,’ Daparto tells MiC.

But the campaign also features a traditional media push with television and radio ads to reach what Daparto describes as the ‘Swiss broad demo’ that ranges from young urbanites to rural families.

‘We wanted to celebrate our sauce and we wanted to make that even more exciting. We know people love it, and we thought, what better way to celebrate than by having a contest that all of our guests can take part in?’ Daparto says.