Sex and the City and the treadmill

Extreme Fitness partners with Warner Brothers for High Heel Bootcamp, a workout routine designed after the four iconic characters.

Sex and the City fans know that rail-thin Sarah Jessica Parker is a workout fanatic, but her alter-ego, Carrie Bradshaw never went to the gym; the iconic character being more fond of chain smoking and running after taxi cabs in Manolo Blahniks for exercise. In honour of Carrie’s return to the big screen this month, Extreme Fitness, a Toronto-based chain of gyms in Ontario has devised a promotion-slash-workout for the SATC wannabes with a class called High Heel Bootcamp.

Partnering with Warner Brothers in time for the release of Sex and the City 2 on May 27, High Heel Bootcamp is a class running for the next four weeks that is designed with music from the movie and ‘themed’ in honour of the four main Sex characters. It will be promoted in-store and through e-blasts to the gym’s 100,000 members, and through more than a million direct mail pieces that were sent out last week, says Alison Stephens, public relations manager, Extreme Fitness, who approached Warner Brothers with her idea.

‘Everyone’s always looking for the next big fitness trend, but the reality is there’s not anything that’s going to make you lose weight quicker than staying in the gym and having fun. Our thing is to constantly come up with something new,’ Stephens tells MiC.

The strategy of incorporating popular culture into classes has worked out well for Extreme Fitness in the past, she says. This includes a ‘stunt’ workout and a ‘warrior workout’ for the launch of Clash of the Titans earlier this year.

‘You have to make the direct mail different all the time,’ says Stephens, noting that the gym is notorious for their flyer promotions. ‘Putting these little fun things on the mail always entices people and brings out the cool factor,’ she says. The classes, which have room for about 40 people each, are offered at four different locations this month.

Practical Miranda inspired the class warmup; the high-heel walk is obviously designed for the shoe-obsessed Carrie; Charlotte, the avid runner, influenced the cardio portion; and Samantha is the cool down because ‘no matter how tired she is from her workout she’s always ready to go again,’ says Stephens.