The Montreal Science Centre talks about sex, baby

A new campaign developed by Cossette touts the fun that can be had learning about the science behind sex.

Sex sells, and the Montreal Science Centre is betting that learning about sex sells itself. It recently launched a new campaign developed by Cossette, which also did the media buy, that centres on the scientific nature of sexuality to promote its ‘Sex: A Tell-All Exhibition.’

Creative including TV and print ads feature the kinds of anatomical charts that one would expect to find in biology textbooks or encyclopedias, aiming to communicate the educational nature of the exhibit. It also conveys the Science Centre’s focus on how learning can be fun by adding a touch of humour to the executions. In print, the descriptions of the body parts on the charts have been replaced with different facts that are relayed through the exhibition. One execution features the female model with her hand on the man’s derriere, pointing out that it, like other erogenous zones, has many nerve endings. On TV, the anatomical models come to life through animation to show the attraction people can have towards one another.

‘It really reflects the spirit of the exhibition by attracting people’s attention and piquing their curiosity with the anatomical training models,’ said Jérôme Dufour, VP, marketing, Old Port of Montreal Corporation, in a release. ‘By allowing ourselves a few little jokes, we also bring out what is most human about the subject and the exhibition in a style unique to the Montreal Science Centre.’

The exhibition, an original creation that enables visitors to investigate various subjects surrounding sexuality, will remain open at the Science Centre until March 6, 2011.