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Global celebrates Mroczkowski hire with TO campaign

The Canwest channel is promoting its new Global Toronto News Hour co-anchor Anne Mroczkowski - formerly of Citytv - with a local multimedia campaign.


She’s back.

Tonight marks new Global Toronto News Hour anchor Anne Mroczkowski’s first day on the Global news desk, and the channel is promoting its new hire with a large-scale Toronto-focused multimedia campaign.

Mroczkowski’s friendly face will appear on TV spots, print ads, billboards, transit shelter ads and subway platforms throughout the city in a campaign to promote the new 6 p.m. news team on Global Toronto. She will be hosting the show with longtime Global anchor Leslie Roberts.

‘With this campaign, we have two anchors that have great awareness in the city: Leslie’s been our anchor for about 10 years now and Anne had amazing awareness from her time at City,’ Jamie Schouela, VP, marketing strategy, Global, tells MiC. ‘The goal was really to just put their faces out there and make sure that it was clear that Anne’s with us now and we have this great new team of Leslie and Anne together. We thought that there was no better way to do that from a media-choice perspective than to use high-impact, high-awareness outdoor.’

The first of a series of TV spots promoting Mroczkowski’s new gig starts today, featuring the former Citytv anchor making her way to work amid cheers and clapping by Torontonians. When she arrives at the Global news room and is greeted by Roberts, a voiceover says ‘We’re glad to see Anne again too.’

The spots will appear only on Global’s Toronto channel, and the print campaign will also focus on Toronto media, including the Toronto Star, National Post Toronto edition and Metro newspapers. Although promotion of the Global Toronto newscast will continue indefinitely, the Mroczkowski-and-Roberts launch campaign will last for a month.

Mroczkowski formerly co-hosted Citytv’s 6 p.m. news with Gord Martineau, but was let go from the network this winter.