Italy vs. New Zealand attracts 1.6 million: CBC World Cup ratings, June 19 – 23

The most popular game online was Slovenia vs. England on Wednesday with 179,016 total live streams.

World Cup ratings on CBC remained steady this week, topping the one-million mark for at least one match each day, according to BBM Canada.

The most-watched game for the week of Sat., June 19 to Wed., June 23 was Italy vs. New Zealand on Sunday at noon, when the Azzurri, a team that’s had a disappointing run at the World Cup, tied New Zealand 0-0, and attracted 1.631 million viewers.

That same weekend, on Saturday, Ghana vs. Australia was second-most watched game of the time period with 1.245 million viewers.

The ratings dipped slightly as soccer fans returned to work, with Spain vs. Honduras being the most popular game on TV with 1.077 million viewers. On Tuesday, Greece vs. Argentina was seen by 1.016 million Canadians and Ghana vs. Germany, broadcast in the afternoon, was the most-watched on Wednesday with 1.097 million tuning in.

Meanwhile, more viewers seem to be streaming video online when they’re in the office, as the most-watched game online of the week was Slovenia vs. England on Wednesday with 179,016 total live streams. On Tuesday, Greece vs. Argentina received the second-most streams online with 152,066 accessing CBC’s video player, and a day before that, on Monday, Spain vs. Honduras had the most fans watch online with 131,831 total live streams.

On Saturday and Sunday, as more people were closer to their TV sets, the online viewership significantly decreased. The Brazil vs. Ivory Coast game was most-watched on Sunday with 68,459 total live streams, and Ghana vs. Australia was most popular online on Saturday with 52,729 total live streams.

Source: Television audiences are BBM overnight, A2+ (PPM measurement). Streaming numbers: CBC Research – Omniture HBX (2009) and Omniture Site Catalyst (2010).