App-etite: Bar-hopping with Budweiser

ScoreMobile and Budweiser launched a Bar Finder app last week that helps soccer fans locate where the World Cup is being aired, but also where Budweiser is running promotions, explains UM's Ruben Jongstra.

With World Cup games airing so close together, there is little time to cruise looking for a new location. The new Bar Finder for ScoreMobile app solves oh-so-many weekend drinking problems by sorting through TV listings to determine which networks are broadcasting games, and providing maps to bars that are airing those channels.

But the app also highlights the pubs that are offering FIFA or Budweiser on-premise promotions, a feature that can be extended to other Labatt brands in the future, explains Ruben Jongstra, supervisor, digital strategies, UM Canada, the agency that brought together The Score and Budweiser for the mobile execution and co-developed the app with Grip, which handled the creative aspects.

Q: Tell us about your app: what does it do and why did you develop it?
A: With the inclusion of the new TV listings page within the app, we saw the opportunity to provide Canadian sports fans with a tool to help them find the places in which they can catch their favourite sporting events while enjoying a Budweiser. Users even have the option to narrow the list down further to only places which are currently running Budweiser’s 2010 FIFA World Cup on-premise promotions.

Q: What is your media strategy? Why did you think an app was the best way to reach your target audience?
A: By integrating within the application we are able to create a personalized link between Budweiser and Canadian sports fans while being able to provide them with value in the sense of timely and relevant information that will help enrich their daily lives.

Q: How does this app contribute to your overall campaign or brand strategy?
A: We find this integration helps to answer some of the challenges facing the brand in terms of finding innovative ways to engage the consumer, while providing value to not only the consumers, but also Budweiser’s valued bar customers.

Q: How will this app be promoted to consumers?
A: We will be running promotional banners within the ScoreMobile application promoting the Bar Finder tool, as well as be promoting within the Budweiser Facebook fan base.

Q: In what ways will this app continue to be developed going forward?

A: We will look to continue to update and upgrade the Bar Finder tool beyond just keeping the bar lists and promotional details up to date. We also look to leverage this great tool among many of the brands within the Labatt brand portfolio throughout the year in order to give Canadian sports fans the opportunity to participate in all the timely Labatt on-premise promotions as they take place.

Bar Finder for ScoreMobile launched on June 24 and is available for free on iPhone and Blackberry through iTunes App Store and Blackberry App World.