CTV sneak-peeks Flashpoint new season

The network will run an hour-long teaser for the third season of the show this summer, as well as a complementary online game.

CTV will tease fans with an episode of Flashpoint on July 16, in preparation for the show’s third season.

Although the release date for the upcoming season has not yet been set, the network is taking advantage of the show’s season-two ‘encore’ run this summer to build hype for season three with a special one-off episode. Flashpoint is currently airing on Friday nights at 9 p.m. on CTV – in simulcast with CBS in the US – and, according to the network, is averaging 1.1 million viewers per episode.

The hour-long ‘mid-summer primer,’ as CTV calls it, will feature a storyline about a teenage hostage, and introduce a possible new plotline for the season involving Hugh Dillon’s character Ed Lane, who suspects his brother may be responsible for another officer being shot.

Debuting alongside the episode will be a new interactive game on the CTV Flashpoint website, called Flashpoint: Training Day. In the game, fans can take on the role of a rookie cop and take part in ‘training modules’ that simulate the experience of training to become a Strategic Response Unit officer.

The game will be promoted with an on-air spot on CTV, as well as on CTV.ca via banner ads and the CTV.ca e-newsletter. The special episode will also be promoted on-air and online at CTV.ca with banner ads and inclusion in the CTV.ca e-newsletter. Both will be promoted via CTV’s social media properties.