Tribal DDB promotes Marty Yaskowich

The interactive digital agency announced today that Yaskowich is now the managing director of Tribal DDB Vancouver.

Tribal DDB Canada this morning announced that Marty Yaskowich has been appointed managing director of the agency’s Vancouver operation.

As the head of Tribal DDB Vancouver, an integrated digital and interactive marketing arm of DDB Canada, Yaskowich will focus on advancing the agency’s offering in digital and social media to clients. He will also collaborate with Radar DDB for digital campaign planning, according to a release.

Yaskowich, whose previous title was business and strategy director, says the new position will give him an opportunity to create integrated digital and social media campaigns, ‘especially as the consumer experience extends from computers to smartphones, interactive touchscreens and beyond,’ he says, in a release.

Yaskowich has been with Tribal DDB Canada since 2005, working on campaigns for clients such as Canadian Tourism Commission, BC Dairy, the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver Convention Centre.

Amber Bezahler was the previous managing director of Tribal DDB Vancouver. She is now the head of Vancouver Film School’s Digital Design program.