Twitter uncages the Tweet button

Similar to the Facebook 'Like' button, the Tweet button can be included on media web pages and allows people instant tweetability.

Twitter is breaking out of the cluttered mess of plugin buttons at the top of most media pages with a new Tweet button.

The button, which launched somewhat stealthily on Thursday of last week, is similar in functionality to the Facebook ‘Like’ button and Social Plugins platform released in April at the F8 Facebook developers conference. Web publishers can add the button to the bottom of articles or posts, and the user can simply click it once to post to their Twitter account. Beside the button, a small box indicates how many other people have tweeted the article as well, regardless of whether it was tweeted through the button, retweeted through Twitter or via another Twitter client.

Clicking the button launches an overlay window where the tweet can be edited and posted. Once posted, the next screen offers the user suggestions of other accounts they can follow.

Thirty US websites, including media heavyweights, Gawker Media, Hulu, the Huffington Post, YouTube and, have already integrated the button, according to the Twitter blog. Although no Canadian publishers have yet announced integration of the new button, a spokesperson for Twitter confirmed that it’s just as available for Canadian web publishers as American ones.