In a TIFF: Audi sticks it to Toronto

The luxury car maker decorates the urban landscape with miniature car models - including a cheeky move near a certain major TIFF sponsor.


Audi is sticking hundreds of 1:43 scale models of their cars to metal newspaper boxes and street signs near TIFF hot spots in Yorkville and on King Street.

Executed by Lowe Roche, the stunt is meant to express how Audi’s quattro all-wheel drive technology makes the company’s cars stick to the road, just like the powerful magnets make the Hot Wheels-esque cars stick to the sign posts and mailboxes, Geoffrey Roche, founder and CCO, Lowe Roche Advertising, tells MiC, noting that TIFF is the perfect time to get that message out.

‘It’s such a perfect moment,’ Roche says. ‘You have tons of people exactly in line with the people you’re trying to reach: opinion leaders, game changers. I can’t think of a better group to reach.’

Teams of people took to the streets over the past week to stick the cars to metal surfaces, including parking metres, fences, and even poles holding up velvet ropes surrounding a Cadillac model car.

The stunt, which will run until the end of the festival on Sept. 19, is an extension of Audi’s current transit-station dominations in Montreal and Toronto that include escalator wraps and handrail branding. There are also national print, radio and online ads as part of the campaign.