App-etite: Pfizer gives a Smidge

The pharmaceutical company's new app helps users reach wellness goals with their smartphones.

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer Canada released an app this week to help Canadians reach their health goals one little bit, or a ‘smidge,’ at a time.

The Smidge app, available for iPhones, iPads and BlackBerries, was created by Toronto-based Klick Communications for Pfizer and has six ways to help people build up healthy habits – being positive, eating more fruits and veggies, training your brain, taking the stairs, deep breathing and drinking more water.

As an example, in the ‘drink more water’ section, app users can build up from their current intake to eight glasses a day, over a 21-day period, which is the time it takes to form a habit, according to Veronica Piacek, director of consumer communications, Pfizer Canada.

The app is part of the company’s More than Medication program, which the company’s press materials describe as ‘a wellness awareness initiative devoted to non-medicinal health information.’

The app is free and available in French and English at the Apple and BlackBerry app stores. Here, Piacek gives MiC the rundown on the new app:

Who is your target demographic?
Our target demographic is women over 35, but we know app users are younger, so we also want young app users to inform their parents.

How will this app be promoted to consumers?
We’ll be doing out-of-home, subway stations and elevator wraps, mostly in Toronto (Mediacom did the media buy and CP+B Canada created the advertising).

Why did you think an app was the best way to reach your target audience?
We did the app because we heard, especially from health care professionals, that what they struggle with with their patients is keeping them motivated. To be able to track it on your mobile device really helps people. There are congratulations messages and people can share their progress on Facebook, Twitter and by email, so it could become a community effort.

How does this app contribute to your overall campaign or brand strategy?
There is a call-to-action to visit We want people to see we’re about more than medication. When people think well of companies, they stay loyal.

What was the first activity on the app you tried?
I did drink more water, and now I’m doing ‘eat more fruits and vegetables.’