CBC overhauls digital and revenue units

The reorganization will allow the pubcaster to better exploit new digital delivery tools, says Kirstine Stewart, acting EVP of English services.

The latest shakeup at the CBC has seen the pubcaster’s digital business separated from its business development division, and folded into media content and operations.

The overhaul, spearheaded by Kirstine Stewart, acting EVP of English services, aims to allow the CBC to better exploit new digital delivery tools and other forms of new media production.

The business development arm of the CBC, whose role has included striking strategic business deals with outside partners, will now be broken into a revenue unit and a separate digital unit for media content and technology.

The integration of digital into all areas of the CBC, and not just online gadgetry or online partnership, comes as it increasingly envelops all areas of media content, Stewart says.

‘It’s the direction that makes sense for any place interested in keeping up with the times and taking advantage of new delivery methods and forms of production,’ she says.

The digital reorganization on the English side of the CBC partly mirrors an earlier overhaul of the pubcaster’s French language services.