Netflix and Shaw up the VOD ante

The battle to offer the most convenient VOD package continues as Netflix hits Xbox, and Shaw unveils a new receiver.

Netflix Canada on the Xbox 360; an improved HD receiver with 3D capability from cable giant Shaw Communications – the battle to reach Canadians with video content gathered pace Monday.

First, Netflix Canada pacted with Microsoft to allow the streaming of its movies and TV shows to become available through the Xbox 360 game console.

‘Netflix members in the United States enjoy instantly watching movies streamed from Netflix on Xbox Live and we think that our Canadian members will equally enjoy this enriched experience and the convenience and value that it offers.’ Greg Peters, vice president of product development for Netflix, explained.

In addition, Xbox Live subscribers will be able to access the Netflix movie and TV library through Windows Phone 7.

Not to be outdone by the US video streaming giant, Shaw Communications’s Shaw Direct satellite TV service also unveiled on Monday an advanced HD receiver with 3D capability and an interactive on-screen guide that, for example, enables subscribers to hide channels they don’t subscribe to.

Shaw Direct also hinted at an upcoming video portal from the western Canadian cable giant to follow Rogers Communications’ Rogers On Demand Online service.

Shaw Direct subscribers will be able to access the rival Shaw broadband VOD portal on their computers through a dedicated website.

From Playback Daily