Metroland expands with Ottawa this Week

The paper is launching with four hyper-local editions, working with Metroland website on a co-promotional ad package.

As the global media world continues to expand, hyper-local is getting more attention as a means to reach an engaged audience. As one of the bigger players in this arena, Metroland is expanding this month with the launch of Ottawa This Week, a new community newspaper targeting four core Ottawa areas: east, west, south and central.

There will be 25,000 and 30,000 issues printed for each region and each paper will feature hyper-local, individualized content with a limited amount of content shared between papers, Patricia Lonergan, managing editor, Ottawa This Week, tells MiC.

The launch of the new papers will be promoted to consumers with a media plan that includes local radio, bus-king advertising, and ads in  Metroland’s 11 other papers in the greater Ottawa area. All media was planned in-house.

However, the papers will also benefit from a co-promotional plan with Metroland website The website, which has 1.5 million UMVs nationally and had 60,000 unique visitors in Ottawa alone in October 2010, is simultaneously executing a second promotional media plan, touting the partnership between the two properties which will see all Ottawa This Week print ads replicated on

That media plan includes local radio, SEM, and e-blasts to Flyerland members (1506 locally), focusing on how the website is now reaching people with local savings opportunities, instead of just national brands and retailers.